Monday, August 1, 2011

The Big Free O

Looky everyone, my followers have hit 30, you know what that means... FREEBIES! Ok so initially I was only going to give away one free resin toy but my generosity knows no bounds so I have decided to give away presents to 3 of you lucky people:

First Prize - A Resin toy of your choice
Second Prize - A Fox Bandit Print
and last but by no means least... Third Prize - a mother flipping Bandit Badge

The Prize draw will be happening soon with my good friend Lizzbeth as official adjudicator and provider of the all important hat! She will ensure that all picking of names out of said hat is done in a fair way with no cheating!

So keep your eyes peeled to find out if you are a winner... remember there are no losers, only some people with cool free stuff and some people without cool free stuff

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