Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I have been working with the awesome Bairdy recently. Bairdy is an independent clothing company who collaborate with illustrators to produce unique fabric and limited runs of really adorable clothing and accessories. Here are some pictures for you!

Raindrop Dress 

Big Bow Dress

Baby Raindrop Dress

Tree Skirt (Illustrated by Emily Watkins)

You can also get the best accessories in the world like this dinosaur clutch bag 

Does life get any better than this? Nope!

you can buy Bairdy clothes here and you should probably like it on facebook too

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Jungle Fellow in the jungle

Dead Turkeys

This as you can see is an illustration of some dead turkeys! The artwork was commissioned by Stranger Collective for their magazine Bait to accompany a short story called Death and Feathers by Nicola Robey.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Atlantis Drawings

Here are some drawing of Atlantis, I don't often draw this level of detail any more so it was a fun and slightly mind blowing project to work on.

This illustration is for a project I am involved with in Plymouth called Resurgam, it is a live adventure game which will take place across the city and will involve a treasure hunt for the lost pearl of Plymouth. Its awesome, the whole project is looking really suave and exciting you can get more information Resurgam on the facebook page or website.

Cat Doodles

Some doodles of a cat.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rain Faces

The other day I cycled home from the studio in what was possibly the wettest rain ever! Here are some drawings of what that felt like.

Oh also look at my desk! Its amazing I also have a hot beverage area and some chocolate brownies, if you come see me I may share my brownies with you. You can see what we are up to on facebook here, if you want you could like our page, maybe?

Illustration Studio Poster

Here is a poster I did for the studio thing, its the stupidest drawing I have ever done!

Summer Studio Residency

We have a Studio, YES! Some how we have managed to get an awesome studio space for free for the summer. For the next 6 weeks Emily Watkins, Lize Meddings, Kelly Walton, Bench Allen, Isaac Lenkiewicz and I will be drawing stuff and hanging out in the Gallery at Plymouth College of Art.

The studio is open to the public and there will be a shop and live events, you can follow the progress of the studio on our blog here. The private view of the exhibition is on the 1st of August from 4pm - 6pm so come and see us please!

We started setting up this week here are some photos.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I only went and did some Illustrations for Kuhl-cher!

Kuhl-cher is a really lovely little magazine and there is a website is currently being constructed, it always makes me smile when I see cool projects like this going on in the SouthWest so if you like drawings, stories, poems and all that jazz check out the facebook page and look out for the website.

The illustration above is of a local poet with quite possibly the best hair in the world. The illustration below is for the homepage on the website, the brief was 'little man vs big man' so I got to draw giants again hooray!

Moo and Two!

Soooo I am going to be exhibiting some work at Moo and Two which is an Art Gallery and Tea Shop in Mevagissey. I will post some photos up of the exhibition soon but in the meantime if you happen to be in Cornwall you should go to get some tea and have a little look around. They have some really cool work in the gallery and some delicious hot beverages. BOOM!

Monday, May 20, 2013

AOI Illustration Awards

Um I have been shortlisted for the Association of Illustrators Awards 2013, what?! Super exciting news, I entered my Delta Sleep Album illustration into the design category.  I have posted it before but here it is again.

There loads of really lovely work in the shortlist, you can see all the illustrations that have been shortlisted here. I am really honoured to have been shortlisted alongside so many cool people, especially the brilliant Kelly Walton who has been shortlisted for her book The Straubs! Look at her website and stuff here, she is great. 

Oh also Management by Delta Sleep is available to buy NOW so yeah buy one! (please)

Look Dino's!

Look dinosaurs, RAWR!

I have been doodling some little dinosaurs for a cool project with my girlfriend Lucinda who is clever and can make stuff. I made a repeat pattern and we got some fabric printed, fun times! Its weirdly exciting to see my drawings on fabric, so hooray!

Lucinda is going to be doing some cool stuff with the fabric and working with other illustrators to create some really unique and interesting things, I will post a link as soon as its all available but for now heres a sneaky peek at what she has been up to! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Delta Sleep - Management

Sooooooo exciting news! You can now buy an actual CD with my drawings on it, how brilliantly weird!

Exciting things have been happening for Delta Sleep, they have been signed to Big Scary Monsters and their EP Management is due to be released on the 20th May. They are also doing loads of awesome gigs and loads of other good things.

Soooooo you can now buy the EP here, treat yourself!

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Its been a while since I drew some foxes sooooo... here are some foxes I have been drawing for Onze Dezesseis

Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Banner

I have just looked at my blog and realised I have had the same banner for ages, probably since 1907. I'm sorry for being so dull! I will do a new one soon, until then please accept my sincere apologies


Here is a little sneaky peek at what I have been up to recently, I have been working on a project for a shop/gallery/cafe in Brazil called Onze Dezesseis. I am really excited about working with Luiza and the other guys there. Lots more drawings and stuff to come from this project but for the time being, heres some hammerhead shark illustrations. 

You should have a looksy at what Onze Dezesseis are up to and like them on facebook yes!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Delta Sleep Album Cover

Soooooo I have been working on this album cover artwork for the fabulous Delta Sleep and their new EP Management, its pretty much almost finished, here it is... tada!

This is the front and back cover and spine still got a few little tweaky bits to do but I am really excited about it and could keep it secret no longer! Look at the little guy on the mountain...Hai little guy!

Anyway you should check the band out they are smashing, this is a demo version of 'So Say We All'

You can see more about them here and you should like them on facebook yah!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oh yeah, completely forgot to post about this!

So me and Ben did the cover for Curious magazine a while back and what with finishing my degree and having to work I forgot all about it. They wanted us to collaborate and mix our work up together. Squirrels needed to be included which suited me as I am rather fond of those little overlooked bushy tailed gems of the woodland world.

Here is the front and back cover yah!

There's interviews and other stuff inside. You can see more of Bench's work here or here, you should have a look, he's a bleddy good guy.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I am doing stuff I promise


So I haven't posted for a while but I am still trying to find time to draw, whilst juggling a full time job and a pesky cat and dishes and a whole other load of things that get in the way of fun stuff. I miss being a student! Anyway working on a cool project at the moment it involves mountains and giants and other good things, here are some mountains for you, more mountain based imagery to follow soon! Fanks! 

Friday, August 3, 2012


60 followers hooray, I am a blog pied piper, to thank you all for following me I will do some sort of prize draw give away type thing (this will happen when I have managed to get some kind of control over the chaos that is my life at the moment) anyway Fanks!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sad Circus Resin Toys

Here are some photos of my Sad Circus bear resin toys, beautiful photography by the fabulous Paul Mounsey you can see more of his work here

Little Book of Hell

For the other half of my major study I decided to face two of my biggest fears, being serious and drawing people! The illustrations for 'The Little Book of Hell' are based very loosely on Dantes Inferno, here are some of the pages! I spent a lot of time considering the layout and how I could use space to help the book flow in a interesting way.